Materials Hospeem-Epsu

On the 24th of May IZZ, the collectivity of people in health care, gave a presentation about the approach to Organizational Climate. On this page you find the publications, presentation and other materials being used during this day.


On the 3th of december IZZ was invited to presentate their lastest results to improve the organizational climate in healtcare organisations tot the European Parlement.  Download the presentation here.

More about IZZ. The collectivity of people in health care

Animation which tells how the collectivity of IZZ works. In English.

The story of Ipse de Bruggen. What they approached with the IZZ project to change the organizational climate.

The approach to Organisational Climate is based on a scientifically study from dr.Babette Bronkhorst.

Download the PDF or read the e-pub version here

You can download the presentation held by drs. Anouk ten Arve during the Hospeem-Epsu conference.